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'Runner' American Plum

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This dwarf American plum selection was one of a very few seedlings at our farm of American plum that shows excellent resistance to mildew as well as a stoloniferous tendency producing evenly spaced sprouts coming from a small tree. The small 1/2 inch fruit is a solid red color with little if any insect damage. The outer skin is not that astringent like most American plums. The foliage stays green late in the season too.  

'Runner's ability to colonize is its strength. There is variation of American plum to runner. It is an issue if trying to rid the world of sprouts but it is these sprouts that keep the root alive and the top of the tree productive. The advantage of this selection is its dense linear sprouts close to each other that can be removed easily for propagation as well as mowed over if you don't want them. 

'Runner' can be used for grafting other plums. It is a good fruit producer by itself  (more information forthcoming) and it can be used in a polyculture system where even part shade has little effect. 

'Runner' is not seed grown. It is grown from root cuttings from a single individual on our farm. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus x americana mixture
Height (ft) 4-6 ft. tall
Width (ft) 6-8 ft. wide
Pollination Requirements Self fertile but additional Dunbars and American plum will help in fruit production.
Soil Sandy, sandy loam and loam
Climate Zone 2-3 to zone 8-9
Ease of Cultivation Extremely easy to cultivate. We are still learning about its fruiting potential.