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Chinese Wild Peach

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This wild species peach is native to China found as a mountainous species found up to  9000 ft. elevation where it grows within the forests and valleys sometimes in open areas on rocky slopes. Its frost, disease and insect resistance are well known and occasionally used in the breeding of more resilient peaches.  

The wild peach has a small yellow fruit about an inch or more in diameter. The fruit is wild collected and eaten. The seeds are sometimes extracted and used as an almond like flavoring in candy. (Only a limited amount similar to bitter apricot seeds.)

Chinese wild peach has a red bark as it matures. The white flowers that are pink in bud flower very early very early in Michigan along with apricots. The fuzzy yellow peach is ripens in July and August. Other peaches if in flower will cross pollinate it as well. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus davidiana
Hardiness -25F or more
Height (ft) 10-15 ft
Width (ft) 15-20 ft.
Pollination Requirements Self fertile. Will cross with other peaches.
Soil Does well in rocky dry soil and is really adapted to what would be considered low organic poor soil.
Climate Zone 4ish-7
Ease of Cultivation Beautiful tree to grow in small spaces. Full sun. Kind of looks like a small willow tree with dense white blossoms in spring. The edible fruit can be used, but likely it will be more or less a side benefit as the flavor of the fruit is not the same as a regular peach.

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