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Ocean Blue Sloe Plum

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The Blackthorn Tree-Dark Purple Astringent Fruit-Freedom from Black Knot too!

Sloe plum is a dwarf growing mountainous shrub found throughout Europe. It still is widely used  for jellies, syrups, conserves, olives and flavoring for gin and herbal teas. Eaten fresh, the fruit is very bitter but once cooked or processed the flavor emerges as something completely different much like a tart plum. Sloe plum has dense branching with lots of fruit spurs all along the stems. It spreads by rhizomes ever so slowly working its way out from the first plant. Once the main plants begin to fade in fruit production, the sprouts take its place. Because of its susceptibility to black knot we had to develop a black knot clonal selection.  This plant is best in exposed open areas with full sun and a dry like location. 

 'Ocean Blue' Sloe Plum  

This selection is 100 percent free of black knot. The fruit production is roughly the same as other sloe plums we grow which has dense clustering along the major branches on spurs.  'Ocean Blue' is grown from cuttings and is a clone developed by Oikos Tree Crops.  The plants you will receive are dug from the main stolons and are tap rooted. As a result, there are few fibrous roots. The root will look like a long thin stem with some side stolon attachment. FEAR NOT!  Do not fear of the limited roots on these plants when you get them. Plant it and water it and the root will regenerate quickly within the first season. That is the way of the sloe. Slow and sloe. 

Oikos Tree Crops has one of the few plantings of sloes in North America. The development of this interesting crop has a unique cultural heritage here and abroad. On a population level, the species is remarkable free of insects, frost resistant and no fruit blemishes due to fungal diseases.  On the level of its fruit quality very little is known about its health giving properties. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus spinosa
Seed Source Ocean Blue
Hardiness -35
Height (ft) 4-5
Width (ft) 3
Pollination Requirements Likely self pollinating but some say two are needed for best fruit production. No one has really looked into this but when found in isolated pockets the plants fruited without a mate so to speak.
Soil Likes the sandy exposed soil. No wet soils.
Climate Zone 3-7. Likes colder climates. Short season fruit plant.
Ease of Cultivation Super easy to grow and fruit within 2-4 years from seed. Full sun needed. Nice ornamental in the fruit department with bright blue fruit in August. Normally the leaves will begin dropping in late summer. This is normal as the plant goes dormant early. The stolon running part may drive you crazy but it is the strength of this plant to regenerate this way from the roots. It you remove all of the stolons, then you will be shorting your future fruit production.

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