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Almond-leaf Pear

Pot, 12-18" ALPE_12-18 $12.20
Field Grown, 3-6" ALPE_3-6 $3.20
25 Plants, Field Grown, 3-4" ALPE-25_3-4 $28.10
Highly productive-Attractive to White Tailed Deer 

Pear species from Europe and Asia Minor often found in the mountains growing in soils with low organic material.  Extremely tough spur-type fruiting tree with long 4 inch multi clustered spurs and fruiting habit. Produces hard 1-2” tart pears remaining good through December. It looks like an oak tree with large, dense limbs. The fruits are produced on short spurs all along the branches. Extremely dense wood. One of the best tree-form pears we grow with no narrow crotch angles, so splitting of branches is non-existent. Flavor of the gritty astringent fruit is very tart and difficult to consume fresh yet the deer consume the hard fruit from December on as the fruit falls to the ground and stays in good condition with little break down into sauce.  The yield is very high with this species with an alternate bearing tendency on individual trees. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Pyrus amygdaliformis
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25
Height (ft) 25-40
Width (ft) 10-15
Pollination Requirements Self fertile and will cross with other pears and itself.
Soil Sandy, dry soil good. Alkalinity not a problem as far as we can tell.
Climate Zone 4-8. Probably not for high humidity areas but not tested fully. Appears highly drought and heat tolerant.
Ease of Cultivation Once established extremely durable and is the pear that will not fade away with time like grafted pears used commercially which require a lot of care to fruit consistently.