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Dwarf Red Raspberry

Pot, 10"-24", DWRR_12-24" $8.20

Dwarf red raspberry is found in a variety of woodland and field enviroments where it spreading habit is a lot like dewberry. The plants tend to throw a sprout which then touches down and then fruits the following much like othe tip layering raspberries. Dwarf means it rarely exceeds 1 foot in height. The top then flowers and sets a 1/2 inch sized very sweet and delicious red raspberry packed with flavor. It is an easy plant to grow but may need attention to its spreading ability if you are putting it in a more traditional landscape setting. 

I found this plant first in Maine where the road cut through the forest had created the perfect opportunity for this tiny yet distinctive raspberry. I was surprised at how delicious these berries were. Each plant had 1-2 berries on a small stalk. 

The main root of the plant will age and add to the colony as it spreads. It might be possible to trellis this species much like dewberries to get the maximum effect of yield per given space. We noticed leads of it growing 6 ft. in one season. These can be mowed off I suppose but if trained upward you would have a much larger crop or if you have the room: let it go!

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Rubus pumila
Hardiness -30 F
Soil Likes sandy well drained soil but is found growing in moist coniferous forests as well as far as any soil disturbance is present.
Climate Zone 3-8
Ease of Cultivation Produces very quickly but its highly vigorous nature may present a problem in garden or landscape type settings. Somewhat like dewberry, each spike produces a few berries. Light bearing but highly delicious and fun to pick holding the berries above the ground like strawberries.