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Ecos Gooseberry

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Selected from naturally occurring hybrid plants from our farm with the Missouri gooseberry, this rare find was an accidental discovery thanks to  a bird that dropped the seed at the base of one of our walnuts. Since then we found one other cross called Red Tart and we use these two selections for the seed basis of these seedling gooseberries. 

Their complete immunity to rust as well as their clean foliage and incredibly durable nature suggest they may have hybridized with the common Ribes cynobasti found in many Michigan forests. Birds seem love this fruit as well.  The flavor is like a red gooseberry with a strong Missouri gooseberry cross. Most of the berries are red in color from this cross. They are delicious and probably are useful for developing a leaf retaining, rust immune cultivars for commercial production as well. The seedlings are naturally very productive and fruit in 2 years from seedling. 

3 yr. plants grown in pots.

Cannot ship to MA, VA, CT, VT. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Ribes x hybrid with cynobasti and others
Seed Source Michigan Grown from Michigan Seed
Hardiness -25 F to -35 F
Height (ft) 2-3 ft. Upright plant.
Width (ft) 2-3 ft.
Soil Adaptable-shallow soil is ok but wood mulch in particular seems highly beneficial.
Climate Zones 3-7 Does best in cold and short season areas.
Ease of Cultivation This selection is a good one to produce from seed to find heavier producers. The plant itself more of a 'processor' type as the skins have a prickly appearance but this leaves once cooked and blended. The flavor is off the charts good in the gooseberry department with a combination of sweet and tart. One of the hybrid native types we have found and is worth growing for future cutting propagation as well as eating fresh off the bush as a kind of overall tonic effect from the healthful berries.

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