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Mexican Plum

Field grown, 12-18" MEPL_12-18 $12.75 Out of stock

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Big Tree Plum From the Southwestern US-Extreme Drought Tolerance

One of the best selections for its ability to grow in high heat and still crank out the plums. Fruits are very sour and astringent. This did not stop early Americans from using them for brewing and jelly. Our selections originally came from Texas.1/2 “ fruit size that are kind of a mottled red color. Becasue of the higher moisture levels in our soil and air Mexican plum is slow growing at our farm. We do have one individual which has fruited profusely and this one individual has produced seedlings that we use at our farm now. The fruit ripens very late here but is completely sour into November. Plant  two for pollination. It may cross pollinate with the American plum. Height to.20 ft. Hardy in zone 5 or 6 easily.  


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus mexicana
Seed Source Michigan, Texas
Hardiness -15 F
Height (ft) 15
Width (ft) 10
Pollination Requirements Possibly self fertile but plant two to be safe. Will cross with the American plum.
Soil Sandy, rock but adaptable. Not for wet soil.
Climate Zone 5ish -9. Tolerates extreme heat.
Ease of Cultivation Like the American plum real easy but the fruit is difficult to use as it is so astringent. Too much humidity appears to weaken the plant and the leaves drop early.