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Mirabelle Plum

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Mirabelle plum is a wild French plum grown worldwide for its rich complex flavor used in jam and other processed fruit mixtures including pies, preserves and wine. Although commercial uses are centered around the French region of Lorraine, it is also found in Poland and the Czech republic where this plum was carried by those who found it irrestible. Large trees exist in the U.K. in some very out of the way places so it probably has been distributed for hundreds of years.  Some online information has labeled it the illegal plum, but in reality this species plum is not illegal to grow and can be grown within the U.S. You just can't import the seeds, fruits or plants. Our seed trees have been producing now for 25 years and it wasn't until we made jam out of it that we realized how good it was. Similar in some ways to beach plum, this species is immune to black knot, has no insect pests and rarely does it suffer from fungal diseases.  It needs a full sun spot and soil that is considered highly drained or sandy. Dense clusters of fruit form starting in years 4-6 from seed. Some trees took 10 years from seed to really set fruit. Our seedlings come true to type and range from yellow to red. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -20F
Height (ft) 10-15
Width (ft) 10-15
Pollination Requirements Probably self fertile, but two may be needed to increase fruit set.
Soil Has grown very well on dry rocky soil.
Climate Zone 4-7 ideal.
Ease of Cultivation Somewhat a challenge as flowers very early. Yields are good but not stupendous. Fruits are consumed by red squirrels as they ripen early in the season.