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Musk Strawberry

10 plants, Field grown MUST_10 $12.75 Out of stock
European Woodland Species-Hautbois Strawberry

Produces 1/2" violet or red aromatic fruit. Often considered to have the perfect aroma of all wild strawberries. Cultivated in Italy and some named selections exist. We have tried them here but found them unproductive until we started growing more than one type. Now we offer seedlings plus  the mixed named selections within each batch. The most robust strawberry we grow with thick hairy leaves and one foot tall flower stalks with 6-10 flowers per plant. Grows very quickly and has done well here in mixed plantings in light shade. As a groundcover, it grows vigorous but not overcrowding other plants as the runners cannot pierce thick sod or established beds.

The pollination is confusing for this species but here is the short version:  We send mixed seedlings including the type for pollen production that fertilizes all types.  We often include a potted plant as well that was grown from seed.




Plant Specs
Genus & Species Fragaria moschata
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -20
Height (ft) 1
Width (ft) 1
Pollination Requirements Varies tremendously. We offer both seed grown and mixed varieties within the group of 10.
Ease of Cultivation Easy to grow but not necessarily easy to fruit. Once established this is one of the most durable strawberries to grow.