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Pink Thimbleberry

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Pink Thimbleberry is the only thimbleberry we have grown that fruits consistently. This selection was grown here at our farm from seed originally collected in high elevations of the Sierra Nevadas in California. Initially the plants began yielding small amounts of fruit by the 2nd year. What is remarkable is that after over 20 years of growing thimbleberry seedlings from Michigan and Canada we found one that actually fruits well in southern Michigan. It may never be a commercial crop, but at least we have finally found a seed selection that can fruit further south and in your backyard. 

Fruit is produced in large loose clusters on older canes that are 2-4 years old. The plants spread by underground runners which are just under the surface of the soil. This species can grow in light shade and still be productive. Bright red and pink flowers are pollinated by bumblebees. The flavor, crunchy texture of the teeny seeds and dark red color make it irresistible. Our field plants are shipped during the dormant seasons in spring and fall when they do not have leaves.  

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Rubus odoratus hybrid
Seed Source Mountain ranges within California. Best strain for fruit production in southern Michigan.
Hardiness -25F
Height (ft) 4-5
Width (ft) 2
Pollination Requirements Possibly not self fertile so we send genetically different plants just in case.
Soil Does best in humus rich soil. Slightly acidic.
Climate Zone 4-8. Fruits heavy with increasing fruit set when there is adequate moisture. Not a desert plant.
Ease of Cultivation Prolific grower -self roots-spreads quickly. Shade tolerant.