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Precocious Rose

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Large Shrub Rose with Huge Production of Edible Rose Hips

This unknown seedling hybrid rose is a selection that has the most yield of hips than any seedling rose we have at our farm. It produces huge clusters of rose hips in great density. The hips tend to blet or ripen to a soft stage but not rot on the plant making them even more valuable as this tends to make processing easier much like the medlars. The small one inch pink blossoms have a yellow center and attract lots of pollinators when in full bloom.

For many years I collected rose hips where ever I saw them. Sometimes at restuarants, school grounds, road sides and in the wild in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  I found many of the cultivated roses for their floral displays were not very tasty or low yielding like the rugosa rose. I also found many seedlings were not very vigorous. I found one particular strain which was given from Wisconsin to me very good at making super vigorous seedlings. As they fruited I found a few that would likely be candidates for doing rooted cuttings. In the meantime, I found one selection that really makes amazingly healthy seedlings with good fruit production. It doesn't really belong to a species but its yields may be due to the hybridity to the next door big hip roses.

Rose hips could easily be a second crop for those who wish to engage in a small agricultural project.  I think once people realize that the rugosa rose is not really all that great in fruit production these new roses along with the rooted cultivar ones we are working on now will make a whole new vitamin C rich crop anyone can grow process and harvest. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Rosa x hybrid
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -20F
Height (ft) 5-6 ft. upright
Soil Adaptable in a variety of soils but does best in dry rocky soil/
Climate Zone 4-8
Ease of Cultivation Like all roses, very easy to grow in a variety of conditions. One of the best hips for eating. The fragrance of the flowers is powerful with this seed strain. Easy to grow in most backyards as well. Full sun is needed.

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