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Cathay Quince

Pot, 18-24" CAQU_18-24 $18.20 Out of stock
Strong Upright Growing Quince with Bright Yellow Fragrant Fruit

From Central China this species is used like the common quince for candy and pickling. Bright pink flowers in early spring. One of the hardest fruits in our orchard, this species can be used to set or gel other fruits when cooking. Our Ecos selections were grown from a combination of cultivated plants that were able to withstand fireblight disease and be fully hardy in Zone 6.  Fruit is very tart with a apple like aroma. We have growing this plant for over 20 years now and find the fruit display in the fall amazing with its bright yellow color and large size. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Chaenomeles cathayensis
Seed Source Ecos, Michigan
Hardiness -15 or so.
Height (ft) 10-15
Width (ft) 3-6
Pollination Requirements Self fertile as far as we know.
Soil Does best in sand but adaptable.
Climate Zone 6-9 ideal. No fireblight.
Ease of Cultivation Super easy. Anyone can grow it and fruit it. Hardiness beyond -15F is iffy. One durable fruit plant with almost columnar growth and long fruit spurs.

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