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Chinese Quince

Field grown, 3-6" CHQU_3-6 $4.20
Giant Quince - Edible Ornamental-Massive Softball Sized Fruits-Colorful Mosaic Bark 

Small tree produces soft-pink flowers with the largest quince- up to 3 lbs. The bark flakes off the trunk producing a lovely “mosaic” effect. The fruit has many uses, one of which is mixing with ginger and drinking as a beverage. In its native China the fragrant fruit is used for candy and the hard wood is used for picture frames. Fruit quality is different than the common quince but is used in the same way -for a jelling agent and addition to juice mixes. Plant two for increased fruiting. Grown from our seed plants our Ecos selections are fully hardy in southern Michigan with minimal problems with the dreaded fireblight..We started a newer planting about 20 years ago that has shown the best fireblight resistance compared to the other seed strains we have tried. They have grown upright to 20 ft.tall  with a 5 ft width. No insects seem to penetrate the fruit.   

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Pseudocydonia oblonga
Seed Source MI
Hardiness -20
Height (ft) 25
Width (ft) 15
Pollination Requirements Self fertile as far as we know.
Soil Prefers a well drained sandy type soil or loam even with clay not particular.
Climate Zone 5ish-6-9. Past Zone 5 may be death.
Ease of Cultivation Has been very easy to grow minus fireblight. Now in our 2nd generation this appears to be gone. An easy plant to fruit. Yields are all over the map. Not a genetic thing but maybe weather.