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Success Running Serviceberry

Pot, 6-12" SRSE_6-12 $10.75 Out of stock
Pot, 12-18" SRSE_12-18 $14.75 Out of stock
The best fruiting selection for the midwest. 

Success is an excellent dwarf serviceberry from Kansas. Seedlings produce a dark purple fruit about 1/2" in diameter. Fruit quality as good as the Canadian varieties plus it is much more reliably fruitful in Michigan. Has a mild almond after taste when cooked and made into sauce. High yields with clean fruit with little insect or disease problems. Keep this plant out in the open in full sun for best yields and fruit quality. We produce this plant from seeds and cuttings. The cuttings are done from  a mixed seedling strain of about 20 plants all grown from the original variety 'Success'.  They do come out true to type from seed and will stolon like the original plant. Out of our collection of Amelanchier this is a good one for flavor and yields with clusters of fruit produced at the ends of the branches. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Amelanchier stolonifera
Seed Source Kansas, Minnesota
Hardiness -40
Height (ft) 6
Width (ft) 6
Pollination Requirements Self Fertile
Soil Not particular but likes slightly acidic sandy soil.
Climate Zone 3-7. Does best in the north with areas of low humidity yet ample rain fall during fruit ripening period.
Ease of Cultivation Easy to grow and fruit. May need some organic insect control as it shares some of the same pests as apples.