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Tree Serviceberry

Pot, 6-12" TRSE_6-12 $14.20 Out of stock
Fast Growing Hybrid Cross with Great Tasting Berries

We received this large tree selection from seedlings purchased through an east coast nursery (Hess) about 30 years ago. The fruit production is very high making it a favorite of birds. The reddish purple fruit is very sweet and makes a delicious sauce. Our parent tree has produced numerous seedlings now and these are true to type from seed. Produces few seeds but the trees are very vigorous and the fastest growing of any serviceberry we have propagated from seed. Can be pruned easily to a single trunk. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Amelanchier laevis x grandiflora
Seed Source Ecos
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 50
Width (ft) 25
Pollination Requirements Self fertile.
Soil Sandy loam, slightly acidic loam ideal.
Climate Zone 3-7
Ease of Cultivation One of the easiest to fruit and does not get the usual foliage and fruit diseases.