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Wild Goose Plum

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Fresh Eating-Best Quality in Our Wild Plum Collection-Few Insect or Diseases without Spray

We were fortunate to get this original wild goose plum from a noted plum expert in Virginia. The story about this tree comes from a hunter who found the seed in the crop of a goose and planted it. Since then many seedlings from this tree were distributed under the name ‘wild goose’. We started with grafted trees from the original but later switched to seedlings as they turned out to be more consistently productive with no disease even though the fruit size is smaller.  One of the best species types for producing good quality fruiting seedlings without spray. Also one of the best for fresh eating right off the tree. Trees will maintain a wide spreading habit with broadly spaced branches much like a crabapple tree.  This selection almost always has fruit on it and is now in its third generation of seedlings which show good vigor with clean green foliage during the summer months. No issues with virus;s as well.  Will grow from Minnesota to Missouri and does well out west as well.

 No Ship to CA, WA, OR.



Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunis munsoniana hybrid
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25
Height (ft) 20
Width (ft) 15
Pollination Requirements Produces best with two plants. Will pollinate with Dunbars plum as well but not so much with beach plum.
Soil Grows in sandy soil or sandy loam. Will tolerate clay and heavier soils.
Climate Does well in the Midwest and can grow in warmer climates compared to our other plums. Zone 4-9.
Ease of Cultivation One of the most vigorous growers from seed. Produces quickly and yields good fruit for eating fresh as well as processing into jam. No insect or disease issues.