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Ecos Beach Plum

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Best Quality Fruiting – Highly Productive-Clean Disease Free Fruits

Our Ecos strain contains some of our best seedling selections known for their yield, and great fruit quality. These consistently produce clean fruit without disease year after year. Selected from individuals with sweet yellow and larger red or blue fruit that can be consumed fresh off the bush. Recommended if you are trying to create your own beach plum varieties or a small orchard of seedling plants for improved individuals . We have grown numerous generations from these plants and find they produce much better quality and quantity of fruits. 

Since pollination is a tricky issue with beach plum make sure you have at least two plants whether they are two of the same or two different strains. May cross pollinate a little with our Dunbars plums too. Anyone can grow the beach plum and you do not need a beach. 



Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus maritima
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -35
Height (ft) 10
Width (ft) 10
Pollination Requirements Plant two to increase yields. Not entirely self fertile. Any two plants will do-the same or different.
Soil Easy to fruit in sandy soil rather than clay.
Climate Cold dry and windy is perfect. Zone 3 to zone 7.
Ease of Cultivation Perfect for ease of growing and fruiting. Full sun is best but some fruit can produce in light shade to some extent.