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Nana Beach Plum

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Natural Dwarf - Compact Precocious Fruiting Plants
This dwarf strain of beach plum was developed by selecting a specific plants from thousands of seedlings that fruited in one or two years from seed. 

Nana represents a compact seedling form which comes true from seed. This compact structure makes the plants produce a more spur type habit meaning greater yields.  The fruit size is the same or slightly smaller than other beach plums. The plants are roughly half the size of a normal beach plum growing to maturity at 2-4 ft. tall.

We now are using three generations of this beach plum to grow our Nana seedlings.  Nana will cross with the other beach plums and it can be used for as a pollinator too.  The fruit colors range from red to blue.  A few black colored ones are found along yellow. Plants can be trained to grow upright and do not lean as much or become leggy.  As the plants mature, you can prune out crossed limbs and renew the plant by removing older trunks that do not bear as much as they use to. This improves the vigor of the bush.  

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus maritima
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 4-6
Width (ft) 4-6
Pollination Requirements Need two plants to fruit-any two beach plums of any type will work even if they are the same strain.
Soil Sandy or loam. Not so good in clay but adaptable. Doesn't need seashore soil.
Climate Cold, dry and windy works. Zones 3-8. Not too good in areas with high air moisture which causes fungal problems.
Ease of Cultivation Anyone can fruit this. Very easy to grow and fruit. Very few problems if any! Especially resistant to insect damage including curculio.