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Wild Yellow Sweet Cherry

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Sweetest of Fruits-Mellow Yellow

Seedling produced strain using a wild form of sweet cherry with yellow fruit. Wild sweet cherries are common where the fruit is commercially grown and can be seen growing with mature oaks and in open fields. Often high quality fruit is produced on these seedling trees with few insect or disease problems.

Although grown from seed, almost all the seedlings are yellow as apparently this is a dominant trait. Some of the seedlings are called 'Napoleon' sweet cherries which are natural hybrids of the sour cherry. 

This is an easy plant to grow but protect the foliage from white tailed deer. They do love to browse the young foliage as it emerges.  


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus avium
Seed Source MI
Hardiness -20
Height (ft) 40
Width (ft) 30