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Phillips American Cranberrybush

Phillips American Cranberrybush
Phillips American Cranberrybush

Northeastern Fruit Selection for Jelly and Juice

Phillips is a selection that produces a darker red fruit that is born in large racemes at the end of the branches. It has been a vigorous grower here and ripens later than our other selections. The fruit color is ideal for jelly production. This selection has to take a few weeks of frost before it becomes better flavored toning down the astrigency. This bush compared to the others we have grown shows a very stout and broad growth habit. It would work well as a screen because of its stem density. Originally obtained from Hector Black of Hidden Springs Nursery. We felt it was a little better fruit producer than Wentworth but basically the fruit color is what sets it apart from other varieties we have grown.


Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Viburnum trilobum

Seed Source:




Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Self fertile.


Can grow in a wide variety of soils from wetland to dry hillside.


Zone 3-8. Does best in cold climates but widely dispersed.

Ease of Cultivation:

Cultivating is easy. Tolerant to light shade. Using it is another matter. Sugar appears to be the only salvation on reducing astringency to taste the fruit wiithout the wincing. Jelly makes it happen with this fruit. Birds consume the fruit after it has bletted all the way into late spring.

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