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Manchurian Viburnum

Manchurian Viburnum
Ornamental Edible Raisin Viburnum

This is one of our favorite viburnums both for its edible fruit and its flower display. Fragrant 4-inch clusters of white flowers followed by red fruit that turn black when fully ripe. Tastes a lot like raisins. Not a lot of pulp but has a nice sweet blend of prune. Very productive in the fruit department. Drought tolerant. Height and spread to 8 ft. depending on the location.


Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Viburnum burjaecticum

Seed Source:

Ecos, Michigan



Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Self fertile as far as we know.


Adaptable to a wide variety of soils.


Zone 3-8. Does best in cold areas.

Ease of Cultivation:

Easy to cultivate. Not high yielding but worth growing for the flavor as another raisin viburnum. Easy to fruit but no real massive use for it has been found.

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