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Giant Miscanthus

Tallest of the grass species at our farm growing up to 15 ft. tall. Frequently used for biofuel research due to its immense yields (about 2-4 times that of switchgrass) and low nutrient requirements.  Does not flower or set seed at our location. Great screen plant and much like clumping bamboo in its growth. Rhizomes spread about 6 inches per year in a dense circular fashion. The stems or canes are easy to harvest and use after the plant has gone dormant in December. The amount of 'mulch' this plant creates is just phenomonal and I am wondering why few have not researched it more just for that use. Evidently up to 12 tons per acre of dried grass can be harvested in its 4th year. The roots we send are field harvested with the bud or node needed for top development and are not just a piece of root. Can be fall or spring planted while dormant. 


Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Miscanthus floridus

Seed Source:

Unknown,grown by roots as seed is sterile.



Height (ft):


Width (ft):



Adaptable to a wide variety of soils.


Zone 4-9

Ease of Cultivation:

Anyone can grow but can everyone use? Flavor is nice for the sprouts and may make a bamboo shoot substitute in the right culinary hands. One of the best grass species we have every grown in terms of yield and vigor.

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