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Plants Say It Tastes Delicious-- It Works and Yes It's Organic  New Improved Formulation --Flat rate shipping $10.20
11 lbs.   weight-----10 quarts volume.

Packed with minerals from rock powders, growth stimulants from seaweed, humates, mycorrhizal and other beneficial bacteria plus nitrogen from alfalfa meal Soilicious helps plants during that early transition period trying to get established into new soil.  No need for fertilizer pellets or additional fertilizers the first year. Designed for use with woody plants being outplanted in open fields Soilicious is meant for establishment of plants in poor soil with only periodic watering and lack of care.  We designed this mix to improve our transplant survival rate and then found it to act much like a fertilizer making the plants healthier and more vigorous as well. Even in the second we found plants more 'durable' in our sandy rather impoverished soils. Nutrients include: Gypsum aids in water percolation and nitrogen absorbtion. Azomite, greensand, rock phosphate and oyster shell add needed micronutrients. Seaweed brings potash. Humates and biochar help the plant use what is already in the soil to begin with.  Alfalfa meal adds nitrogen.  Coir helps in the absorption of water and retains it even when the surrounding soil begins drying. 

Now made dry and highly concentrated we recommend you mix one bag Soilicious to one bag (.1 to 1.5 cu. ft.)  compost, compost mix or Black Kow composted cow manure. You would then use this mix by adding 1 - 2 cups per plant when out planting. If you want to skip this procedure we recommend you lower the dosage to 1/2 to one cup Soilicious per plant and then lightly mixing it in the soil near the plant roots. (Never at the bottom of the hole.)

Soilicious helps create a living network of beneficial bacteria and fungi around the roots of the plant thanks to the humates and Arbico RootBuild 240.

Directions for use: Use 1/2 to one  cup per seedling plant. Make full contact with the roots and then lightly cover or mix with surrounding soil. Soilicious is an amendment meant to be in contact with the roots and not at the bottom of the hole or as a top dressing. If making a mix of compost and Soilicious use 1-2 cups per plant. 

INGREDIENTS: Minerals Include: Azomite,Gypsum, Greensand, Rock Phosphate, Oyster Shell. Organic Media Includes:  Seaweed, Alfalfa, Coconut Coir, Canadian Peat Moss, Biochar   Biological Innoculants Include:  Humates, Arbico RootBuild 240.


This product is not certified organic but all the products in it can be used for organic production.  It is not meant as a soil mix and has never been tested for that.

FLAT RATE SHIPPING on this product: $10.20  ( If you order just Soilicious.)   11 lbs ----10 quarts.