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ECOS Purple Potato

Package of 4 Tubers, EPPO $12.20 Out of stock

Called "Sisu azul" from Lake Titicaca, this species shows high resistance against late blight.The Ecos purple potato shows good frost resistance in the ground and naturally produces a perennial type potato able to reproduce without replanting. Vines can spread 5-10 ft. in one direction. 'Perennializing'  this potato works best in drier mineral like soil similar to the alpine environment of its home. Our plantings have always reproduced to some extent over winter where the smaller tubers often survive in frozen soil. We have one 10 year old planting on a open hill where it 'persists' and in competition the tubers shrink to half their size compared to garden grown.  This potato has a great flavor similar to many fingerlings and is perfect for potato salad, soup or mashed.

This selection was given to us 25 years ago from a horticulture professor as a cast away in a breeding program. It has always been a reliable producer no matter what mother nature throws at it. It rarely has Colorado potato beetle damage and does not suffer from drought. Once I threw a batch into a snow bank in February in a paper bag. They sprouted fine in spring. Another time I put some in a freezer for a month-they too sprouted fine.  Why?  Maybe the loss of moisture allows freezing without cell damage.  However, there is some freeze damage once in a while in our soils but only a tiny part of the tuber turns to mush.  

We are going to be testing Purple Peru from numerous sources again to see if our potato is what we say it is. It is possible it is not the species we have listed. We often use customers experiences to winnow out our own ignorance of named selections.  It also confirms what we thought originally which is why this potato is listed as it is which we believe is accurate.  

This selection can be fall or spring planted in the north.



Plant Specs
Genus & Species Solanum ajanhuiri
Seed Source Ecos
Hardiness -10 or more. Treat like a die back perennial like sunchoke. Root hardy in frozen soil.
Height (ft) 1
Width (ft) 6
Soil Sandy is best but produces well in a variety of soils including muck soils.
Climate Zone 5-9. Adaptable to cold and heat.
Ease of Cultivation Very easy and tolerates even a bit of shade. No disease issues. Anyone can grow this even if you failed with the tried and true types.