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Vigorous and Durable Hybrid Cross with Large Nuts

This large fruited seed strain produces the most vigorous seedlings we grow averaging 2-4 ft. growth per year. Fruiting begins in 3 years from seed. It doesn't quite have the disease resistance as Precocious but none of its parent plants used for growing our seedlings develop problems with filbert blight.  Hazelberts are grown using highly resistant parent trees produced in mixed plantings. There genetics are much broader but they will cross with Precocious and American types and are cross compatible with these selections as well as within its own group.

Originally the term hazelbert refers to some of the crosses done by Jack Gellatly in British Columbia using cold hardy Canadian species as well as the modern day European hazelnut. Its durability makes it an ideal plant for hedgerow growing and as a general pollen source for other hazelnut hybrids and species. Our forms represent a more cultivated form of hazelnut where nut size is nearly twice that of the American species. The broad leaves and dense foliage make this a good hedging plant as well.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Corylus hybrid
Hardiness -25F or more
Height (ft) 15-20 ft.
Climate Zones 4-8
Ease of Cultivation Does best in the midwest and northeastern U.S. Not a plant for desert type conditions. Easy to cultivate in loam or sandy loam soil which is slightly acidic. Will fruit in light shade.

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