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Carpathian Noodle Mint

Field grown, pkg. of 2 roots, CNMI_2 $8.20 Out of stock

This rare mint selection comes originally from Austria where its robust flavor is used in a specific dish. (Directions to follow.)  The minty fresh leaves are much like spearmint and as good as any cultivated mint we have grown here including Black Mitchum. The dark green leaves are a lot like spearmint and this actually might be a spearmint selection or species of some type. 

This selection has proven to be both drought tolerant and vigorous. We plan to add it to our field crops where it can spread as both an herbal insect repellant as well as a pollinator. The round blossoms form a circle around each whorl of leaves. This mint might be too much to plant in a flower garden as it spreads very fast. But in a pot or grow bag this mint can be harnessed for its great flavor. Enjoy now as we have limited quantities and we will not be offering it again once we run out.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Mentha x
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -20 F or more
Height (ft) 18-24 Inches at maturity
Soil Does well in poor soils as well as moist peat soils.
Climate Zone 4-8 Adaptable - may work well in drier locations compared to other mints.
Ease of Cultivation This is one of the easiest mints to cultivate. It too is a runner mint and will spread quickly, an asset if it used in the right setting without constraints. The flavor is very strong on this selection and worth growing for drying in mint tea.

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