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Hulless Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

300 seeds, STPU_S-300 $90.00


This unique selection of pumpkin is grown specifically for its seeds which do not have a hull. Although there are many other 'naked' seed pumpkins, this non hybridized  heirloom selection from Austria is used for oil production where the seeds are roasted and pressed for oil. This is a true pumpkin reaching up to 15 pounds but the fruit is not edible or barely so as it has little flavor.

Each vine produces about two pumpkins and each pumpkin can have up to 2 cups of seeds per fruit. This delicious oil is one of kind in flavor and yet easy to produce even on a small scale with a small hand oil press. I am surprised no one has given this a try to any extent. The flavor, nutrition and the ease of growth of the plant including immunity to squash vine borer make it a great promise as a side crop for small farmers and a value added product if they could extract the oil themselves in these new presses that have come out in the last few years. 

This selection self roots as it grows. It tends to be more of a bush type growth habit spreading 2-3 ft. Squash vine borer has not occurred here. Usually this is a big problem for me if I grow anything related to pumpkin or squash. 

If isolated from other squash and pumpkins, it will produce true from seed and does not require hand pollination techniques. The seeds require careful drying and cleaning to prevent them from going rancid. 

To germinate the seeds: cover with a sand or other well drain soil or soilless mix about 1/4 inch or more deep laying the seed flat. Without the coat, the seed can rot easily so careful not to overwater. Sprouting occurs in one week or less. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Cucurbita pepo
Pollination Requirements If isolated from other pumpkins the strain will stay true. If crossed then the hulless feature may be lost as well as the variety itself. It is a self fertile plant and is easy to produce from seed from the parent plant and doesn't require hand pollination techniques to remain hull less.
Soil Does well in sand or loam. Irrigation may be helpful in dry years.
Climate 80-90 days to maturity.
Ease of Cultivation Whether grown for the edible seeds or pressing for oil, this is a unique true from seed pumpkin variety. The production of this selection is amazing as it appears totally resistant against squash vine borer and the plant does self root very easily. Very compact in growth which is good if you do not have a lot of room for a giant sprawling vine like most pumpkins.