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Juicy Delight Wild Goose Plum

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"Juicy Delight" retains the original 'crispness' of the original wild goose plum as well as the juicy sweet interior with just the right balance of sweetness and tartness. It is best to let the fruit fully ripen on the tree.  It is one of the best flavored fresh off the tree wild goose plums easy to grow without any issues with disease or insects. Possibly a hybrid with the beach plum, Juicy Delight combines the high yield of the beach plum plus the wonderful flavor of the original Wild Goose plum, Prunus hortulana. Wild goose plums creates a completely new land race or strain of this wonderful species and should be grown from seed as it seedlings are productive and easy to select for future development. Seedlings provide an avenue that make a whole population worth keeping and disseminating as hybrid progeny as a hybrid swarm. 

Juicy Delight is a stolon plum and can be produced from stolons too. It maintains a spreading wide angled crotch tree that is easy to trim upright. It would be best to root this selection as the runners make it much easier to propagate as well as makes a longer lived colony which would last many decades without the need for grafting. This type of runnering or stoloniferous tendencies is often not desirable in an orchard setting, however in this case it can easily be controlled by a small amount of pruning and then replacing fading main trunks when the trees begin to decline. With Juicy Delight branches begin decreasing in yield after 20 years or so. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus hortulana
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25F possibly more

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Wild Goose Plum Seeds Scions

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