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Manregion English Walnut

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Manregion English walnut is a specific seed strain of the English walnut that is considered one zone colder than the English walnut. It is from Northern China and has been used in breeding of cold hardy English walnuts. There are certain varieties like Cascade which we derived the seeds from and then grew out the plants. They have a high percentage of kernel and are very oily and sweet with no astringency or bitterness. They are completely sweet tasting with none of the dry flavor that is found in many commercial walnuts. The plants themselves have clean foliage and are not toxic or have the normal suppression effect of plants like black walnut can have on certain plants. 

The trees tend to grow taller than most English walnuts and some may reach 80 ft. in the right conditions. The nuts grow in clusters more sometimes up to 10 per bunch. The trees are very vigorous and fully hardy into zone 4. The plants harden off early in the season making winter damage unlikely in short season areas. The trees are vigorous and grow best in sandy loam soil and are somewhat tolerant to alkaline conditions. Trees will average 18-24 inches of growth per year once established. Fruiting begins once trees reach 8-10 ft. tall with side branching. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Juglans regia
Seed Source Washington
Hardiness -20 F to -25 F
Height (ft) 80 ft.
Width (ft) 60 ft.
Pollination Requirements Self fertile to some extent but two appears to be better for full overlap of male and female flowers which are on the same tree. Lone trees do fruit so it is not an all or nothing. Will cross with other english walnuts.
Ease of Cultivation An easy tree to grow. The biggest issues are late frost which destroy the blossoms and young foliage and sometimes curculio. Usually the trees are naturally healthy and vigorous under average growing conditions. Takes about 4-6 years to fruit from seed when trees reach 2 inches in caliper.

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