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American Hybrid Chestnut

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Resistant or Immune to Chestnut Blight-Vigorous and Strong Tendencies for Dominant Upright Growth
Developed by using a wide variety of vigorous hybrid plants found within the cold hardy Douglass hybrids from upstate New York where temperatures dip below -30F.  This older planting done in the 1970's was more or less an accidental crossing of the Manchurian and American chestnut. Earl Douglass found these to be much longer lived and immune or highly resistant to chestnut blight. When we started using his seeds for the production of seedlings, little did we realize that 40 years later we still find these to be such a valuable seed selection.  We maintain our orchard by removing the most disease-prone trees and collect seeds from the most vigorous and healthy. We continue that to this day.  Over time we included other hybrids to give it more immunity to chestnut blight, the great equalizer of growing chestnuts in our area. This pool of hybrid plants represents quite a large span of unique chestnut trees that are intermediate in size of the Chinese and American trees. We are currently using seed of a so called 95 percent American hybrid with no blight at this time.  Blight and insect free plants are grown in our screened polyhouses.  No shipment to CA,OR,WA.
Plant Specs
Genus & Species Castanea dentata x mollissima
Seed Source Ecos, F-2-4 Hybrids
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 70
Width (ft) 40
Pollination Requirements Self infertile. Needs two plants or another chestnut of any type.
Soil Sandy acidic.
Climate Zone 3 ish- Zone 8
Ease of Cultivation Easy to grow, this selection shows very good promise of high blight resistance and strong upright growth.