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Colossal Chestnut ECOS

This hybrid selection produces the largest chestnuts on our farm weighing in at one ounce per nut. This seed selection is the result of numerous attempts to grow the Colossal chestnut and finding it not fully winter hardy here. The seedlings we growing now  are  3rd generation crosses that have survived both the cold and chestnut blight. The seedlings are highly vigorous growing 2-4 ft. in one year. This selection is more like the Chinese chestnut and will cross pollinate with other chestnuts (except chinquapin)  or plant two Colossals for nut set. Trees from this selection are highly resistant or immune to chestnut blight. This cross is not the original grafted Colossal nor its original projeny which was the worst chestnut seed source in the history of Oikos Tree Crops where death and disease were its close friends.  Thank goodness that is behind us now with this reselected strain. Enjoy!

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Castanea mollissima x hybrid

Seed Source:



-15 to -20 F

Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Needs any two plants of the same selection or different.


Sandy acidic soil. This one may tolerate more variation than other types we grow.


Zone 4-8. Zone 5-6ish is ideal.

Ease of Cultivation:

Most reliable to grow for nut production.

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