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Lecont Hickan

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The Bitter Pecan-Fastest Growing of all Pecan and Hickory Hybrids
Used as a Timber tree-Can Grow far North of its Range

Lecont hickan is a natural hybrid found in the southern part of the U.S. where pecan and water hickory overlap. Seedling trees produced from Lecont seed nuts are intermediate between these two species. The nuts are bitter in taste but rich in oil much like bitternut hickories in Michigan.  Despite being a southern tree, we have found many of the seedlings from this population to be fully hardy in our zone 5.  We started outplanting this tree about 20 years ago and some are now over 25 ft. tall and growing fine in our upland sandy soils with winter temperatures hitting them hard in 2019 of -20 F or more.  This is the fastest growing hickory we have grown.  Some of  the seedlings grew 3 feet in one season and a few topped the 5 ft. mark in one year which for a hickory might be a world record. 

“Bitter Pecan” is the other common name of this plant and it was used for cabinetry and flooring. It is one of those unsung heroes of the hickory genus and because of its hybrid nature, it may be viewed as more or less a botanical oddity rather than have some practical value. Despite its taproot, it does transplant well and responds to a variety of soils and climates. 

Lecont hickan seeds are hard to come by and each batch we get can be different. Some are large with thick shells, others are small with rough shells showing more of the nature of water hickory. Our 2020 crop is made up of the fastest growing individuals that we have found yet. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Carya lecontei ( illinoensis x aquatica )
Seed Source Georgia and Louisiana
Hardiness -15 F to -20F
Height (ft) 80-100
Width (ft) 40-80
Pollination Requirements Probably self fertile to some extent but best to plant two for overlapping flowering. Might cross with pecan but hard to say with certainty.
Soil Very adaptable-wet or dry.
Climate Zones 5ish to 9.
Ease of Cultivation Tap rooted. Once transplanted and gets established in the first year, able to tolerate drought. Like pecan easy to transplant at a young age from pots. Anyone can grow this tree, but fruiting may take 15 years from seedling. it is a good species for wet soils and can withstand high water tables. This hybrid is probably grown more for its growth rate than nut production as the nuts are high in oil but very bitter like bitternut hickory.