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Bebbs Oak ECOS

Bebbs Oak
Bur  Hybrid -Good Acorn Producer with Fast Growth Rate and Dense Crown

Bebbs oak is a fairly common hybrid found within the range of bur oak. Usually they look similar to bur oak in the wild but occasionally you will find some hybrids closer to the white oak. At times these crosses are difficult to define until you grow a number of the seedlings to fruiting. That is exactly what we did. What we found was that bebbs oak seedlings produce symmetrically branched trees with good yields of acorns. Trees average about 2 foot of growth per year. Our seed trees were selected as the most vigorous out of hundreds of seedlings. Many of these are low in tannins which can be used for the edible acorn with only a few washings to remove the tannins.  Bebbs oak is a good cross both for  timber and mast. 


Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Quercus x bebbiana

Seed Source:




Height (ft):


Width (ft):


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