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Chinese Cork Oak

Pot, 6-12 " CCOA_6-12 $8.20
Pot, 12-18" CCOA_12-18 $10.20
Pot, 18-24" CCOA_18-24 $12.20

This species is used much like sawtooth oak in that it can be used for a type of acorn jelly.  It is also well known for its rather corky bark that is produced on mature trees.  The cork bark, straight growth habit as well as its glossy leaves makes it a an outstanding ornamental oak. For us the acorn yield is good but it fluctuates every other year or every three yields for good yields. The acorns are small and are deeply seated into a furry cap but drop out when fully ripe. Chinese cork has done well at our farm in Michigan and is at least as hardy as the Korean sawtooth oak we are growing. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Quercus variabilis
Hardiness -20 F
Height (ft) 50-70
Width (ft) 25-40
Soil Does well in loam or even pure sand
Climate Seems to tolerate extreme heat as well as cold. Very versatile. zones 5-9.
Ease of Cultivation One of the best oaks that can establish quickly and look good even as a young tree. You may never make acorn jelly, but you might find an attachment to the perfectly clean foliage in the dead of summer and the upright symmetrical growth habit. Really is a winner in the growth rate department.