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Manna Oak

Pot, 6-12" MAOA_6-12 $12.20

Manna Oak is the first selection of oak as far as we are aware that has no detectable trace of tannin or bitterness even in the green stage. The green stage of acorn development is the highest point of tannin found in an acorn as it prevents predation. Even squirrels rarely eat green acorns.  Manna has none and leaves no trace of astringency or dryness on your tongue. The acorns are not bitter and can be eaten without leaching. 

This rare find was created by oak breeder Miguel Marquez as he provided us with acorns of crosses he tried using the original "Ashworth" but oak and chestnut. The chestnut part did not work, however the tree did self pollinate and produced a viable acorn. That viable acorn we planted at our farm about 25 years ago. 

Ideally this plant should be produced from grafting or rooting as the seedlings might be too variable requiring some leaching.  We will make the scion wood available in the future. For now enjoy this plant from seed as this tree is mixed in with other very low tannin oak trees known for their heavy production. Manna is a medium producer of 1 inch sized acorns. To find an acorn with no discernable bitterness is extemely rare. For this reason, it is worthwhile growing from seed this unique find to create similar seedlings. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Quercus macrocarpa Ashworth x hybrid
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25F
Height (ft) 30-50
Width (ft) 30-50
Pollination Requirements Likely self fertile to some extent. Wind pollinated.May benefit from other bur oaks or have two plants to insure good nut set.
Climate Zone 3-8
Ease of Cultivation One of the most adaptable oaks to grow in a variety of soils and climates. Practical in terms of its use for flour as it requires much less work to leach. This selection is useful as a precursor to developing more nut oak selections because of its insanely low tannin levels.

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