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Red Willow Oak

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Our farm produced this hybrid many years ago by finding a few good acorns on a lone willow oak in an arboretum in a full zone 5. The result was some of the seedlings showed very good vigor and we kept those and let them grow in the row to maturity. The enlongated leaves with sharp bristles as well as some lobes this oak is a natural hybrid between willow oak and red or black oak. The trees have since produced a lot of acorns but the squirrels love them as well and it is difficult getting enough to produce some trees. 

This oak has the characteristic upright symmetrical growth of red oak with the thick dark green leaves of willow oak. Each tree is now combined with our nearby rocket red oak and the seedlings really show this variation. This would be a good landscape oak or used as a timber oak for use in conservation applications in dry climates where few trees can grow. The deep tap root is quite amazing once established. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Quercus heterophylla (phellos x rubra)
Seed Source Michigan -Acorn selected from a willow oak in an arboretum.
Hardiness -30 F
Height (ft) 40-60
Width (ft) 30-40
Soil Likes dry conditions but tolerant of all soil conditions possibly even wet soils.
Climate Zones 4-9
Ease of Cultivation Once established this tree has incredible drought tolerance as well as vigorous growth. The growth rate of these trees is similar to chestnut oak which were planted at the same time and are now over 30 ft. tall. Very good landscape tree with its straight growth habit and strong apical dominance.

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