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Rocket Red Oak

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Rocket red oak is a seedling selected from our early planting beds collected from seed found in rural Kalamazoo County, Michigan. Here is the story. 

While on a 'run' I found an amazing amount of acorns blanketing the roadside and nearby cornfield. The owner of the land let me collect several hundred pounds of acorns under these trees which I thought were some sort of weird hybrid with their unusual elongated acorns.  I planted the acorns and produced over 4000 seedlings for a New York conservation nursery. One of the seedlings grew to 5 ft. in two years in our un-irrigated mulched with sawdust seed beds while all others grew to 18 inches. This is the one oak we planted out at the base of a hill. There it grew to 60 ft, very quickly.

Rocket red oak is a good selection to develop for fast growth and strong upright growth with lack of narrow crotch angles. The acorns are produced in great abundance but would likely need two plants to prevent blanks or another red oak of any type. If this seed strain was continued someone could make a small orchard of these trees and spread the good news far and wide. Although there are red oak cultivars, often these are not available due to graft failures and low vigor on grafted trees due to incompatible rootstocks. 

Rocket red oaks are grown in deep narrow pots in an organic soil mix. Very easy to transplant. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Quercus rubra
Seed Source Michigan Ecos
Height (ft) 100 ft
Width (ft) 40-60
Soil Adaptable from sand to loam including clay soils.
Climate Zone 3-8
Ease of Cultivation One of the more vigorous oaks and easy to establish in a variety of soils. This type of red oak took us 25 years to collect the first sizable acorn crop. The vigor and fast growth will out perform other red oaks in the speedy oak category.

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