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American Persimmon

Field grown, 3-6" AMPE_3-6 $4.20
4 Plants, field grown, 3-6" AMPE_3-6_4 $12.20
10 Plants, field grown, 3-6" AMPE_3-6_10 $22.20

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The Northern Date-Sweet High Energy Fruit-Grown from seed produced only at our farm in southern Michigan Next Crop Available October 15, 2020

The American Persimmon is one of the most luscious and sweet fruits containing up to 30% sugar. The astringency or pucker power decreases as the sweetness increases with ripening. This process is helped with warm summers and a warm fall along with frosts. Persimmons will grow in a variety of soils, including clay, sand, dry or wet. Seedling trees tolerate shade and competition from grass or other trees. Trees begin producing at 6-10 years of age. There are no serious insect or disease problems at least in Michigan.Our Ecos selections are from the most prolific plants on our farm with early ripening and good quality fruit. We harvest seed only from the best plants from our planting of over 300 trees that fruit from this northern location with a short season. Dioecious. Mixed male and female seedlings. The population runs around 50 percent.  

American Persimmon Ecos Seeds are also available starting in the fall. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Diospyros virginiana
Seed Source Ecos, Michigan
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 60
Width (ft) 30
Pollination Requirements Male and female on separate trees. Rarely self fertile.Our plants are unsexed seedlings.
Soil Not particular able to tolerate wide variations including wet and compacted soils.
Climate Zone 5-9. Not for northern Michigan or areas where summer heat is low. Fruit would never ripen. Tree will be hardy though into Zone 4.
Ease of Cultivation Anyone can grow this tree. Best in full sun.Once established grows quickly fruiting in 4-8 years. The ripening is a critical limiting factor. Ignore it and you will have green balls of astringency.