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Americana Dunbars Plum

Pot, 3-6" AMPL_3-6 $7.70
Pot, 6-12" AMPL_6-12 $8.70
10 Plants in Pots,3-6" AMPL_10-3-6 $67.50
Pot, 12-18" AMPL_12-18 $12.75

Americana plum is a naturally occuring hybrid cross of the American and beach plums. Unlike the other dunbars plums we grow this selection is unique in that it incorporates both the runner or stolon type growth and the small tart fruit that is produced annually all along the thick dense branches. The tart 1/2 inch red or yellow plums have a delicious flavor much with the perfect crunchy juicy texture for a wild plum..The fruit ripens over a month long during August. Seedlings from this strain also have clean disease free foliage much like the beach plum does.  The stolons or underground sprouts can be cut off and replanted elsewhere as a means to clonally propagate your strain but it does not spread as far and fast as the American plum does. This seed selection would be a perfect hedgerow plant where browsing might be an issue. The thick spurs help protect the tree and aid in increasing its yield. Best to plant with another dunbars or have two Americana's to get maximum fruit set. Can be used even for grafting as the single trunks remain productive for at least 10 years after the plant reaches maturity.