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Amur River Grape

Edible Fruit and Leaves

Fruits are eaten raw or made into juice or wine in Northern China. Leaves are eaten as a boiled vegetable. Bright red fall color. One of the coldest hardy grapes able to tolerate -45ªF  in sun or part shade. This is considered one of the most cold hardy grapes in the world growing into the far north of Manchuria. Our seed source comes from a few selections that were collected because of their yield and fruit quality. It is unknown at this time how these will perform as a fruit producer here in the U.S.  Often these plants are found in high elevations and used specifically for juice including fermentation into wine. We do not have any fruiting yet but it appears the vines behave  a lot like River Grape in being vigorous with no apparent leaf diseases. All of our plants are grown from seed. 

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Vitis amurensis

Seed Source:




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