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Heirloom Apricot

Heirloom Apricot
Heirloom Apricot Heirloom Apricot Heirloom Apricot

The seed of this apricot was originally brought to England in the late 1800’s from a gardener that had lived in India.  The heavy yields and ability to resist disease in its new high humidity environment was a rare discovery.  It eventually found its way to southern California and became a cultivar which is still grown today for drying. It has lasted generations both in seed and cultivar form. Our seedlings are produced using seeds from the original grafted trees. These can be used as ornamentals, fruit production and pollination purposes for other apricots. Despite its origins, this is a completely hardy apricot in Michigan and does well in our soil. It is one of the more vigorous growing strains we have tested so far. We  winnow out the seedlings that winter damage or look weak in any way. The trees tend to produce side branching at an early age which indicates early fruitfulness.Fruiting begins from 4-6 years from seedling when the trees reach 8-10 ft. tall. 

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Prunus armeniaca

Seed Source:

India-California Seeds sourced in U.S.


-10 F to -15 F

Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Self fertile. Will produce more fruit with 2 plants or any other apricot.


A species that does best in sandy rather rocky soil.


Zone 6-9. Fluctuating winter and spring temperatures are rough on fruiting.

Ease of Cultivation:

Tricky to set fruit due to early frosts. Easy to grow. Extremely durable species.

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