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Mackinaw Peach ECOS

Mackinaw Peach

“Well they’re in!” We named this peach after the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer enters eating a "Mackinaw Peach" from Oregon which is ripe for only two weeks a year. “It’s like having a circus in your mouth!” Kramer exclaims. Unlike in the infamous episode of Seinfeld, these peaches are small and bright red and have a longer ripening period. An Heirloom variety from Canada and Wisconsin, these peaches are clingstone (the flesh sticks to the stone or pit) and can be grown from seed as well as grafted. Adapted to the Northeast and Midwest part of the US, so may be slightly more cold hardy than the standard peach into zone 5.  Currently in production for fall of 2018 starting in early October. 


Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Prunus persica

Seed Source:

Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada --Heirloom



Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Self fertile.


Does best in more dry arid conditions but able to grow in loam.


Zone 4ish - zone 8. This is the most northern form we have experimented with without using grafted trees.

Ease of Cultivation:

Super easy to grow the tree. Tricky to fruit due to early frost and fungal diseases. Fungal diseases are less prevalent with this strain.

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