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Wild Black Cherry ECOS

Wild Black Cherry
Wild Black Cherry

The wild black cherry has an amazing diversity found within its population. From small bitter fruit to sweet cherry sized fruit, this species is found from Peru to Canada. The dark black fruit hang in clusters attracting over 30 species of birds which may explain its wide distribution. Our Ecos selection was created using our local southern Michigan  trees which naturally tend to be more robust than farther north in its range. Fruit size is slightly larger than what you may find in the 'wild'. They can be grown by seeds or grafting and will produce a tree with a strong central leader as well as fruit that has little astrigency compared to others we have tried. Unlike the Central American selections like Capuli, the fruit is small but big in flavor. The dark rich flavor is much like a cultivated black cherry times ten onced processed into jam or syrup.  Trees average 2-3 ft. of growth per year once established. Tolerant to extreme heat and cold apparently and is even found in low rainfall areas. 

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Prunus serotina

Seed Source:


Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Self fertile


From sand to clay, this species seems tolerable to a wide range of soils and ph.


Zone 3 ish to zone 9.

Ease of Cultivation:

Super easy. Learn to prune this plant carefully to get what you want under cultivation whether for fruit or timber. This selection could use further selection.

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