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Apricot Vine - Purple Passionflower

Vigorous perennial vine producing sweet, yellow or green egg shaped fruit. Made into 'social drinks' , jellies, jams cooked with lemon and sugar. In Michigan, found as a vine grown near foundations of older homes. Best if planted in rich soil and mulched heavily with rich compost or cow manure for best yields and long term survival. Native to the southeastern US, it is the most northern of the passion fruits. Has done well here at our farm growing up to 15 ft. in one year. Fruiting occurs in 1-3 years from planting. The distinctive flowers were eaten as a vegetable too. The fruit as grown in Michigan has a pleasant melon like flavor. The yields increase dramatically as the root system grows older. It is the pulp surrounding the seeds that is eaten. You peel open the case and the seeds are encased with a thick jelly. It is not as juicy as the tropical passion fruits. The love the flowers makes this a popular plant to grow. Our plants are grown from seed found in its most northernly distribution in the central U.S including Minnesota and Michigan. This plant ships in the fall starting in October of 2019 as it is currently in production. 


Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Passiflora incarnata

Seed Source:

Minnesota, Michigan



Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Apparently self fertile as far as we know.


Likes sandy well drained soil with a good topping of compost or high organic mulch.


Zone 5ish to 10.

Ease of Cultivation:

Once established the root is deep and the plant grows with productivity. We grow ours in pots to aid in transplanting as bare rooting is not very successful with this plant. The fruit is delicious but there is not a lot to it, but the vigor of the vines and ease of trellising it makes it an ideal edible landscape plant .

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