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'Ecos Red' Apple ECOS

'Ecos Red' Apple
'Ecos Red' Apple 'Ecos Red' Apple
Dessert Quality Grafted Apple-Ripens in September

This seedling apple was found  in one of our planting beds of Malus coronaria of which it may be a hybrid called 'heterophylla apple.'  This is one of the few eating apples at our farm that has produced clean fruit with little spray. Fruit quality is rated high in taste tests compared to other commercial apple varieties. The level of insect damage to the fruit varies from year to year so it may require additional insect control to insure clean fruit.  We use neem and spinosad at our farm and that may be sufficient. Foliage is very resistant to insect damage including Japanese beetles. The dark green foliage stays on the tree late in the season. Our Ecos Red is grafted onto Antonovka seedling rootstock which produces a standard size tree extra hardy into zone 3.  Because few apples are completely immune to insects and diseases, Oikos Tree Crops has been trying our best to grow seedling apples at our farm without any spray. It is not pretty but we feel it can be done given the right selection.  Available again in the fall of 2019.

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Malus domestica x coronaria

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