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Sloe Plum

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The Blackthorn Tree-Dark Purple Astrigent Fruit-Freedom from Black Knot too!

Sloe plum is a dwarf growing mountainous shrub found throughout Europe. It still is widely used at one time for jellies, syrups, conserves, olives and flavoring for gin and herbal teas. Eaten fresh, the fruit is very bitter but once cooked or processed in some way a different flavor profile emerges which is why it is still sought out today. Sloe plum has dense branching with lots of fruit spurs all along the stems. It spreads by rhizomes ever so slowly working its way out from the first plant. Once the main plants begin to fade in fruit production, the sprouts take its place. Our Ecos strain is from the variety 'Plena' which is noted for its prolific flowering and fruit. Because of its susceptibility to black knot we only use seeds for this particular strain which does not nor did it ever had black knot in our 30 year history with our planting. Best in exposed open areas with full sun but tolerant to next to the house planting as well. 

We offer a limited release of 'Ocean Blue' sloe plum shipping in early to mid October:           Ocean Blue Sloe Plum  

This selection is 100 percent free of black knot. The fruit production is the same as most sloe plums but the fruit is slightly smaller. We have not analyzed the yield potential of this variety yet but it appears to be equally as productive as other sloes we have growing in our planting. For not this selection is the only black knot free variety we have found in a population. Black knot is really impossible to control in any way practical organically or not. You might be able to limit it a bit with pruning but it becomes a loosing battle usually. 'Ocean Blue' is grown from cuttings and is a clone developed by Oikos Tree Crops. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus spinosa
Seed Source Ecos
Hardiness -35
Height (ft) 4-5
Width (ft) 3
Pollination Requirements Likely self pollinating but some say two are needed for best fruit production.
Soil Likes the sandy exposed soil. No wet soils.
Climate Zone 3-7. Likes colder climates. Short season fruit plant.
Ease of Cultivation Super easy to grow and fruit within 2-4 years from seed.Full sun needed. What do you do with the fruit is the question? Nice ornamental in the fruit department though.