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Ussuri Plum

Pot, 6-12" USPL_6-12 $12.20
Pot, 12-18" USPL_12-18 $14.20
Pot, 18-24" USPL_18-24 $16.20
Pot, 2-3' USPL_2-3 $18.20
Field grown, 3-6" USPL_3-6 $3.20

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The Sweet it is Plum  Next Crop Available October 1, 2020 dormant.

Ussuri plum is a yellow plum from northern China that is by far the sweetest plum at our farm. The fruit has no insect damage.  The plants fruit very heavy almost every year despite the frost pocket we have them located in. The reason for this is its rather short blossoming period where all the flowers quickly open at once and are quickly pollinated by bumblebees, honebees and some types of hoover flies. Flowering occurs about 2-4 weeks before the beach plums and is heavily influenced by warm weather as they come out of dormancy. Our selections breed true from seed and every plant is yellow. Fruit sizes are about  1- 1/2 inches in diameter. From seed, trees begin fruiting in 4-6 years. Its nemesis, the black knot, is impossible to control. As a result we now use only trees that are very resistant to this devastating disease. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus ussuriensis
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -30 F or more. Said to be very tough maybe into zone 2 should you dare.
Height (ft) 40 ft. tall plums
Width (ft) 20-30
Pollination Requirements Self fertile likely. Plant two for good fruit set.
Soil Sandy, sandy loam.
Ease of Cultivation May need a bit of neem to protect against curculio and other fruit worms. Otherwise not too bad in disease or insect resistant but not entirely immune like beach plums.