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Thimbleberry ECOS


Thimbleberry-The Wild Raspberry with a Crunchy Texture in a Good Way

Of all the raspberries we grow thimbleberry has been the most elusive to fruit. We have tried numerous Michigan seed sources but because of our southern location it just is too warm for the plant to acclimate here. It would grow but rarely fruit much.  That was until we we trialed a Calfornia Sierra mountains strain of it.  This apparently hybrid form can tolerate our warm summer weather and the fruiting is much better. And yes the flavor is just like the ones in upper Michigan as well as other northern locations in the U.S. and even Russia and Japan where it grows in the northern spruce forests circumpolar in distribution. We provide genetically different plants which we believe helps in fruiting. Our planting is made up of 20 or more individual plants of which some are light pink in flower  and others are more speckled. The fruits are produced earlier than our pink thimbleberry usually in July. The rich dense raspberry flavor is like no other and the crunchy teeny seeds seem to add to the experience. Fruits are produced on older 3 year canes. Best in sun or part sun. Will tolerate shade but not that productive in full shade. 

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Rubus parviflorus

Seed Source:

Sierra Mountains, California



Height (ft):


Width (ft):

3-4 Runners out-colony forming

Pollination Requirements:

Self fertile but may benefit from genetically different plants.


Sand, loam, moist peat,-adaptable


Zone 4-8.

Ease of Cultivation:

Super easy to grow and fruit. Takes about 2-3 years of growing to establish and fruit significantly. Shade tolerant but not pure shade. Grows in exposed rock and windy cold sites in nature.

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