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Wild Strawberry ECOS

Wild Strawberry
Wild Strawberry Wild Strawberry
Small Berries Big on Flavor

This is the most familiar and well liked of all native fruits. The cultivated strawberries are hybrids of this and South American species. From a horticultural perspective, their size and yields are needed for commercial use, but the small-berried wild ones have a much more pronounced and full flavor.Do they taste like the wild ones? These are the wild ones! Grown from seed of different fruiting clones, we selected the best of the best in terms of yield and good leaf retention. Our population contains about 200 selections done over the course of 10 years of growing out wild strawberries from seeds gathered throughout Michigan. 

Our Ecos selections are available as field plants-(in bundles of 25) and pots made from totally undomesticated selections known for their high yields and good leaf retention with few disease problems.The berries are still small but each type has improved fruit set and greater number of fruit per cluster. Vigorous runner producers, Ecos strawberries are good pollen producers and will cross pollinate with each other to produce the maximum yields. Resistance to rust and mildew was done by finding populations with little or no disease issue.  This tends to create a healthier plant with greater runner production and yield as well. Potted plants are produced from seed from specific seed sources on our farm known for good yields. 


Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Fragaria virginiana

Seed Source:

Ecos, Michigan seed selections



Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

For these best to plant two or have other wild types nearby to ensure highest possible fruit set. Somewhat self fertile.


Zone 3-8. Does best in the northest and midwest.

Ease of Cultivation:

Everyone can grow these. Careful about burying the crown too deep and avoid wet soils that retain water. Can grow in the worst of soils where little else will grow.

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