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Perennial Diversity Perpetual Potato Seeds

Packet of 20 seeds, PDPP_S $4.40

Selections of seeds produced by our fertile selections of our persistent perpetual potato known for its small tubers and durability in cold climates. This seed source continues the quest for a more perennial form of potato that can grow without replanting in the same way sunchokes are grown. 2020 was a banner year for potato fruit and now the majority of our seedlings are producing seeds. We are still working on an all fertile potato population and have not gotten to 100 percent but are closing in. The origin of this seed goes back to three different named varietal heirloom potatoes we purchased from a major U.S. supplier and grew them out over the course of a decade in a semi shady location at our farm letting nature select the seedlings from that group. Letting nature do it means mostly human neglect and possibly irrigation once in a while. 

To germinate the seeds: seeds are tiny so sprinkle on top of a finely screened soil media mix of light sandy soil. Mist gently for the next  week or two and seeds will germinate slowly over the course of a week or more. Once plants reach 1-2 inches, they can be planted outside in their permanent location. Frost can damage the young seedlings so treat as you would a tomato seedling. Because of the inherent diversity in seedling potatoes, they can vary tremendously from their parents and often do not look like either. On the other hand, this is the only way to create completely new potato varieties and 'break' the virus load and other disease issues that plague pretty much all potatoes. This strain does offer good leaf retention, drought and insect tolerance as well as possible winter hardiness. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Solanum tuberosus
Seed Source Michigan, heirloom
Hardiness Unknown tuber hardiness
Height (ft) 2 ft.
Width (ft) Sprawling vine type on most seedlings.
Pollination Requirements Bumblebees-cross pollination appears sufficient with more than one type of potato to set fruit. But apparently not all types set fruit.
Soil Sandy
Climate Northern, midwestern strains
Ease of Cultivation Tricky to grow from seed but once established a joy to behold as the variation is tremendous and surprising.